Reduce your carbon footprint by participating in Bellingham’s Meat Free Mondays. Pledge to go meat free on Mondays for the month of October.

Take the pledge now by leaving a comment such as, “I pledge to go meat free on Mondays.”

By pledging to go meat free on Monday for the month of October, you will reduce your carbon footprint by almost 33 pounds. For every 61 people who take the pledge, we can reduce our carbon footprint by one ton!

Our goal is to reduce Bellingham’s carbon footprint by 5 tons.  Help us reach our goal by pledging to go meat free on Mondays in October!

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21 11 2009
Kashia Gale

Meatfree for the rest of my life (and mondays too).

21 11 2009

Vegan on Mondays, and every day!

17 11 2009

Our family will go meatless once a week, for October and beyond!

15 10 2009
Carrie Percich

Tony, Carly and I pledge to go Meat Free on Mondays….thanks Amy for getting us involved in this….your passion is contagious!!

15 10 2009
Laura Jimerson

No Meat On Monday! or any other day… (unless it is served to me with thoughtful intentions – especially abroad)

13 10 2009
Cerise Noah

I pledge to go meat free on Monday and Vegan on Wednesday.
Thanks Amy for sending this to me. Take care, Cerise

12 10 2009

Meat in moderation. Good stuff :)

11 10 2009
Colleen Schwartz

Meat-free Mondays . . . and beyond!

I have been a vegetarian for many years. This is a great concept, and it’s fun to see people getting excited about making a change in their diet.

Get creative with your food choices and enjoy the friends/family at your table!

9 10 2009
Melissa Nyberg

My husband and I are in! We are already cutting back on meat!

6 10 2009
Colleen Burrows

Meat free Mondays – starting last night – tamale pie, yummm!

12 10 2009
John Stockman

I pledge to go meat free on monday and I realize that chicken is a meat! Tonight we are having quiche! OUr backyard chickens have been very diligent and we need to cook some eggs up.

I have maybe 3-4 vege meal recipes. They are all yummy, yet once I cycle through them I go back to the first one. I would like more ideas for REALLY yummy vege meals that even our 2 year old would be fond of.

Any Help?

13 10 2009
Amy Vergillo

Hi John -
You might want to try some black bean burgers. They are quick, easy, and I usually make up a bunch and keep them in the freezer between some waxed paper:

1 can (15 oz) undrained black beans
1 can chopped green chilies (omit for the toddlers)
1 cup dry bread crumbs
1 egg (beaten)
1/4 cup yellow cornmeal
place beans in food processor or blender and process until slightly mashed. Remove and mix with other ingredients. Shape into patties and coat with cornmeal.

You may also want to try:
-alphabet pasta with extra veggies thrown in the sauce
-barley vegetable soup
-stir fry with veggies, tofu and peanut sauce
-bean, cheese, and veggie enchiladas or quesadillas
-mini pizza’s (on bagels) with different toppings and veggies

13 10 2009

Thank you, Amy, for those recipes. I’m always looking for new recipes even though I’ve been “meatfree” for years. Thanks again!

6 10 2009
Harvey Schwartz


My entry is in here. My wife Colleen and I (mostly her) started a vegetarian potluck supper club that meets once a month at rotating homes.

This group seems to be the perfect place to connect with other vegetarians or those moving in that direction. Our club so far has been more aspiring or try it out type people than long term vegetarians like we are.

Anyhow, do you see any way that we can connect with this group? Incidentally, there is
never a charge other than bringing a dish.

Harvey Schwartz

9 10 2009
Amy Vergillo

Sounds like a lot of fun, Harvey! For the privacy of our pledgers, we do not share any e mail addresses, but some like minded individuals may see your post about the potlucks and want to join in.

6 10 2009
Saralee Sky

I am a vegetarian, so I pledge to eat meat-free on Mondays. I also pledge to eat less eggs and dairy products, especially on Mondays.

6 10 2009
Tina Mirabile, Paul Cookson

We are taking the Meatless Monday pledge this October and we plan to continue the challenge for each Monday throughout the year. Its great to be a part of a greater community with similar goals and values.

5 10 2009
Master Gardeners

Thanks to 23 Master Gardeners who took the pledge!

5 10 2009
Farmer's Market

138 pledges from the Bellingham Farmer’s Market! Thanks to everyone who pledged! Photos will be posted on Facebook.

5 10 2009

I pledge to be meat free! Reducing our impact one person at a time!!

5 10 2009
Tony V.

Meatless on Mondays, baby!

5 10 2009
Maureen M

I pledge to go Meat Free on Mondays (and more).

1 10 2009
Lynette M

No meat Mondays for the whole family! Yeah!

1 10 2009
Rachel Levinson

I pledge to go meat free on Mondays and the rest of my family will as well.

29 09 2009
Toby-Lyn Heaven

No meat Mondays, no problem!

28 09 2009
Suzanne M

I pledge to do my small part and to eat no meat on Mondays (and most other days) for the month of October.

27 09 2009

I pledge to go meatless every Monday for the month of October!

26 09 2009
Mardi Solomon

Our family will go meat free on Mondays and many other days each week throughout the year. That’s what we do anyway but I didn’t realize that it had such a big impact on our carbon footprint. Yet another reason to do it!

25 09 2009

I pledge to consume no meat every Monday in the month of October 2009.

25 09 2009
Steve and Kathy Reed

We pledge that on every Monday in October, we will eat no meat.

25 09 2009
Nancy Langevin

I pledge to go meat free on Mondays in October and every day thereafter. Have been joyfully vegan since January 2007 for our friends the animals, my own good health, and our pal, Planet Earth. Go Vegan!

25 09 2009
Amy Jones

meat free on Mondays, it is!

25 09 2009

Yes, I too, will not eat meat on the Mondays of October – this is a great step forward to cut down that carbon footprint!

25 09 2009

I pledge to eat meat free everyday!

22 09 2009

I pledge to be meat free!

21 09 2009
Matthew Moroney

I pledge to eat meatfree mondays for the month of october- and every monday afterwards!

20 09 2009
Mary Jensen

Meat Free on Mondays – I had no idea it could make such a difference! Thanks!

20 09 2009
Betty & Eric

Marked on the calendar in bright orange. It will be a breeze as we often eat meatless and enjoy it.

18 09 2009

The calendar is marked: no meat on Mondays…

17 09 2009
Rick Dudley

I will go meat free on Mondays & most other days as well.

17 09 2009
Kathi Ing

I pledge to go meat free on Mondays – same day as voluntary water rationing. GO BELLINGHAM !

17 09 2009
Linda Blake

I’ve been a vegetarian for years, so I will continue to enjoy meat-free Mondays every week. This is a great project and I want to support it with my pledge to continue my “meatless Mondays.”

17 09 2009
BJ Sherwood

I will go meat-free on Mondays during October. This is not
much of a challenge for me, since I eat very little meat

17 09 2009
Tina Hoban

I pledge to go meat free on Mondays, and what meat we do eat will be raised with care in our own (big) back yard!

17 09 2009
Jon Ross

I pledge to go meat free on Mondays and when I do eat meat, I pledge to choose from sustainable sources.

17 09 2009
Chris K

I pledge to go meat free every Monday in October, and push it into other days and months ahead. There’s plenty of other things to chew on that are healthier, more sustainable, and taste better. Make it fun, a day to be especially creative!

16 09 2009
Chad NF

What a great idea. Vegetarian for 29 years or so and loving it. Mondays will stay meat free.

16 09 2009
Esther Golde

As vegetarians, this is a movement my husband and I enthusiastically support.

16 09 2009

Yes, will do meat-free Mondays, and more if possible.

16 09 2009
Joshua Clements

Wow! Great timing. My girlfriend and I just started doing meat free Mondays a couple weeks ago. Here is my official pledge. No Meat Mondays!!

16 09 2009
Molly Monahan

Max and I will be meat free on Mondays. Thanks for giving us a formal way to pitch in.

15 09 2009

I pledge to honor Meatfree Mondays on Thursdays!

15 09 2009
Todd Nelson

It is meat free Monday’s for me!

14 09 2009
Simon D-C

I am a sophomore at WWU and am happy to see and be a part of the community in Bellingham. I’ll tell friends and people I meet about meat free Mondays. Thank you.

14 09 2009
Grace Wang

I pledge to go meat-free on Mondays in October (and I’ve already started!).

14 09 2009
Laura Bedford

I pledge to go meat free on Mondays, and just about every other day too.

14 09 2009
Darby Galligan

I pledge to go meat-free on Monday’s (and most every other day too!).

14 09 2009
Erika Malone

Meat on Mondays? Not for me thanks. I pledge to not eat meat Mondays and most days.

14 09 2009
David Westerlund

Mondays minus meat ~ Marvelous!

12 09 2009
Rand Jimerson

Meatless Monday – a great way to start the week.

11 09 2009
Fumio Otsu

I pledge to go meat free on Mondays in October and everry month thereafter.

11 09 2009
Gail Nelson

I am also “renewing my vows”…..I pledge to go meat free seven days a week, 365 days a year, and to support the sponsors of Bellingham Meat Free Monday!

11 09 2009
Mary Sorrows Hughes

I pledge to have meat free Mondays in October, and more!

11 09 2009
Mary Sorrows Hughes

I pledge to have meat free Mondays in October, and more then that too!

11 09 2009
joyce jimerson

I pledge to go meat free every Monday and more!
I’ve been “almost vegan” for about 2 years now, and the health benefits were well worth it.
Loved the comment about “renewing wedding vows.” That’s what I’ll do, too!

11 09 2009

I pledge to go meat free on Mondays.

10 09 2009
Teresa Taylor-Oliver

I pledge to do “Meat Free MONDAYs” to reduce my carbon footprint.
I urge everyone to at least try it, you might like it. It’s a great way to educate others on reducing their carbon footprint too.

9 09 2009
Roxanne Nelson

Well, I’ve been a vegetarian my entire adult life, but this is so much fun. Much like renewing your wedding vows. I pledge to go completely vegan on Mondays. I am also trying to start a movement of Tuesday Vegans–and to get our president to go vegan on Tuesday as a commitment to improving health, lowering healthcare costs, and helping the environment.

6 09 2009
Harvey Schwartz

I’ve been vegetarian for 33 years but this is so fun to be part of a movement. So – I pledge to eat meat free on Mondays (just like every other day). I’m glad that the ecologically helpful aspect is starting to catch on. Of course other aspects such as feeling lighter and thinking clearer and giving those cows and chickens a break are important also…..

12 08 2009
Dana Rindal

I will pledge to go meat free every Monday in October:) Mariah… this one is for you:)

11 08 2009
Mariah Ross

I pledge to go meat free every Monday.

30 07 2009
Erica Shuhler

I pledge to go VEGAN on every Monday! And I pledge to feed my 2-yr-old son meat free on Mondays in October . . .

30 07 2009
Scott Allison

I pledge to go meat free on Mondays (and more often than that).

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